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We are neighbors from right in your community. We are locally owned and operated since 2008. We have proudly been serving the Lehigh & Tri Counties with award winning service with a fleet of over 100 trucks for the past 10 years! We are a refreshing change of pace in the waste industry and we are incredibly reliable. Picking up trash may be the reason you think of us, but there’s so much more to daily operations than just collection.

Commercial Solutions

Many large and small companies are now becoming increasingly concerned about the negative impact their waste has on the environment. This is where WD Environmental. steps in to help. We take an innovative and fresh approach to waste management, and help you reduce your overall waste streams and increase your recycling rates. We can also perform a waste audit for your business which can help you reduce costs, improve your environmental footprint, mitigate risk and uncover new revenue streams. Our forward thinking approach and segregated recycling systems have helped many businesses, big and small move towards a common zero-landfill goal. 

Industrial Solutions

WD Environmental offers customized industrial management solutions that go far beyond simple waste collection. Weather it’s plastics, paper, wood, oil, grease, or any other liquid waste, WD can help. We offer cost-effective, environment-friendly waste solutions using state-of-the-art analysis and recycling systems. Managing your waste streams have never been easier all while being in accordance with local and federal regulations.

Specialty Waste

WD Environmental allows your business to take advantage of a wide range of recycling opportunities, saving you money and benefiting our planet simultaneously. At WD Environmental Solutions Inc. we have established a specialized line that specifically handles the collection and recycling of all types of specialty waste. This includes everything from commercial, organic, electronic waste, construction or hazardous waste recycling. In addition to our reliable recycling services, we also offer safe and secure media destruction. This service includes physically shredding electronic media and hard drives so you don’t have worry about your sensitive media content falling into wrong hands.

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Sustainability Reporting

Picking up trash may be the reason you think of us, but there’s so much more to daily operations than just collection.

We pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly business, and we take massive steps each year to make sure we’re doing more than our competition when it comes to building a more sustainable world for our customers.