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Your industrial facility has very specific and complex hazardous waste requirements, which is why we at WD Environmental Solutions Inc. design programs specifically for your company. We realize that many industrial facilities use a variety of chemicals and additives that end up in liquid and solid wastes. 

Aside from this, industrial facilities are required to remove all wastes from their property and dispose of them responsibly at regular intervals. We have worked with many different industries in Delaware, Lehigh Valley, and Southeastern Pennsylvania for years. We collect and manage the disposal of industrial wastes and provide a landfill-free solution that is both cost-effective and in line with local rules and regulations.


Pharma companies generate large amounts of hazardous, commercial, and industrial residuals and are required by law to dispose of them reliably and responsibly. We at WD Environmental are a leading company in the waste management and recycling space and provide cost-effective services to pharmaceutical entities, in strict compliance with safety and environmental regulations. We have the expertise, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to manage and transport all the waste generated by Big Pharma.

In the pharmaceutical industry, multiple facility audits are standard practice. We have specialized programs such as the Industries best FMCSA scores and an ISNetWorld rating that makes it far easier for the EH&S to carry out their jobs. GPS can also be used to track FDA-regulated and high-value loads, which eliminates the requirement for witnessed loads. We also offer custom sustainability education programs that are designed to help your employees increase diversity and meet all of your sustainability program goals.

Food Service

Food waste accounts for 20% of total landfill waste. When these wastes lie in landfills, they produce gases which contribute to climate change. We at WD Environmental are the waste management experts that can help you implement an efficient organics recycling program. This will cover various natural waste products, including restaurant grease, used oils, and food scraps. These efforts divert waste from the landfills. We design solutions that allow businesses in the food service industry to achieve sustainability without compromising profitability. We can help ensure that all your business locations are, and continue to be in full compliance with existing local, state, as well as federal regulations and recycling ordinances.


WD Environmental has many years of experience in providing services to educational campuses. We help universities, colleges, boards, administrators, and councils reach enhanced environmental sustainability objectives. Even as we help educational entities meet their waste management responsibilities, we ensure that the solutions we provide are in line with your budget.  WD Environmental offers the best in class waste disposal and recycling programs, expertise, and facilities. Our team works diligently and partners with you to make sure that your establishment or organization minimizes waste generation, increases disposal diversion, which helps you reduce your environmental footprint and maintain your green image.


WD Environmental offers manufacturing partners of various sizes, highly-efficient, cost-effective, and customized waste programs. The seamless and well-planned waste flow processes are designed to ensure that your employees don’t have to handle any extra work, and there is no impact on production time. We make sure that all your recyclables and wastes are picked up as per the pre-determined scheduled. We also help ensure that all the PA DEP residual waste reports are up to date and filed on time. WD Environmental has vast experience in recycling metals, glass, fiber and plastics and conducts waste audits which help uncover reuse and recycling opportunities that might have been overlooked in the past.

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Sustainability Reporting

Picking up trash may be the reason you think of us, but there’s so much more to daily operations than just collection.

We pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly business, and we take massive steps each year to make sure we’re doing more than our competition when it comes to building a more sustainable world for our customers.