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WD Environmental allows your business to take advantage of a wide range of recycling opportunities, saving you money and benefiting our planet simultaneously. Whatever your recycling needs, we have a solution for you.

Commercial Recycling

Today, companies that manufacture cleaning products, as well as food and packaged goods, are required by law to ensure that they also carry out proper disposal and recycling of their wastes. Depending on the scale of their business, the overall amount of waste they produce can be significant and could include returned goods, expired and damaged or off-spec products. Waste hauling and disposal is a recurring expense, and the costs of these services have increased phenomenally. We at WD Environmental help businesses manage their product destruction and recycling requirements for single and multiple locations responsibly and economically.

Organics Recycling

Most businesses are now regularly recycling paper, plastics, and bottles but aren’t aware that it is also possible to recycle organics. These include oil, grease, and wood as well as food waste. We at WD Environmental are committed to helping businesses meet their waste disposal and recycling goals. Not only does this help ensure that they toe the line with local, state, and federal regulations, but that they are environmentally- responsible too. Recycling organics is one of the best ways to divert these wastes from landfills. Regardless of the industry, you operate in, and what the size of your small business is, we can design organics recycling programs for you.

Electronic Waste Recycling

As per the EPA, electronic waste or e-waste makes up 70% of heavy metals like lead and mercury in the landfills. These toxic compounds seep into the ground and contaminate the groundwater. This makes it crucial for every business to ensure that they recycle their e-waste responsibly. At WD Environmental we have a dedicated team that handles start to end collection and recycling of different types of electronic waste such as TV’s, digital equipment, office equipment, computers, printers, monitors, electronic toys and more. If you need secure media destruction services, we provide those at well. We offer all these services reliably and cost-effectively.

Construction Waste

The safe removal of various wastes from demolition and construction activities is much more than disposing them at a local Construction & Demolition facility. It is also crucial to meet various sustainability and environmental goals in a scheduled manner. At WD Environmental, we have the expertise, knowledge, and resources required to complete these critical tasks on time and within budget. We customize recycling programs as per the needs of your site, ensuring you get the most of all the construction waste generated from your project. We recycle all types of construction waste, including plastic, metal, cardboard, wood, drywall, and concrete.

Hazardous Waste

WD Environmental offers reliable and cost-effective services that cover management, collection, transportation, and the disposal of different types of hazardous wastes such as ballasts, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, car parts, pesticides and mercury-containing devices. Our hazardous waste disposal team can develop a safe, compliant, and cost-effective program for the disposal of these hazardous byproducts and materials regardless of the content or volume. We are well-versed with EPA and DOT regulations, and you can rest assured that the job will be completed in compliance with existing laws. We work closely with your management team to explore the services that will help you deal with all your hazardous materials disposal requirements.

Secure Destruction

Let us help! Do you have off-spec or expired materials? We will assure complete safe and secure destruction of these sensitive materials. Our program guarantees that these materials will not be re-sold or reused, fall into the wrong hands, or potentially affect your company’s long-term liability and reputation. Our assured destruction process, is guaranteed and we provide a certificate of destruction as proof.  WD Environmental utilizes various technologies for assured destruction based on the volumes, types of materials and customers demand. We can transport in compactors, open top dumpsters or walking floor trailers. Our process capabilities including incineration, shredding, solidification and other customized destruction methods. Materials that are typically managed in our assured destruction process include:


  • Consumer packaged products labelled “not to be sold“
  • Research and development materials, retained samples and prototypes
  • Contraband, counterfeits or seized materials
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Production waste and finished packaged goods

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